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Toy Track ™

Track your Toys For Tots activities -- maximum control with minimum effort!

Toy Track ™ is an application built specifically for the local chapters of the national Toys For Tots program which collects and distributes toys to tens of thousands of children every Christmas. The application tracks parents, children, volunteers, donors and donations assisting the local chapters in every aspect of toy collection and distribution. View additional information about Toy Track

Toy Track ™ runs on any Windows-based PC. It is network ready and is not restricted to the number of simultaneous users. To get the most out of Toy Track ™ you should have Microsoft Access 2003 or 2007 -- a component of the Microsoft Office Suite. However, a version that does not require Access is available. Be sure to specify which version you want when ordering.


An Integrated Material Requirements Planning System

E-Z-MRP was designed in the mid-1980s specifically for small and medium sized manufacturing operations to handle their bill of materials processing requirements and their production and procurement scheduling and planning.

This product has found its way into several hundred operations around the world. First written in CBASIC under the MS-DOS operating system, the product has been completely rewritten in Microsoft Access and is currently available in Chinese, Spanish, and French as well as English. It is in use by a variety of small companies as well as in divisions of larger companies such as 3M, Intel, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Technology Research Corporation, and Pro Flowers.

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DocketWorks ®

A Managment System for Legal Office Scheduling and Billing

DocketWorks is a comprehensive database and application designed to manage legal matters. It was originally developed for in-house use at Scheef and Stone, LLP of Dallas Texas, a law firm specializing in patents and trademarks, to track patent and trademark matters. ( It has been enhanced to suit the needs of any law firm. It is currently undergoing final development and testing. Release of DocketWorks as a commercial product is anticipated by the end of 2008.

Designed for small and medium sized law firms, DocketWorks records a great deal of detailed information about a law firm"s clients, their legal matters, actions taken, and follow up schedules. It reports time spent by attorney and legal assistants and, based on the work that needs to be done, creates work schedules for all the people in the office based using a proprietary and patented scheduling algorithm.

Practical Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling and Executing Preventive Maintenance

Under development and in current beta testing, this system is a collaboration between Rocky Smolin and preventive maintenance guru Ram Ramamurthy of Bangalore, India. PPM provides any operation requiring preventive maintenance and scheduling with an easy to use, yet comprehensive application for scheduling and executing a preventive maintenance program.


From Program To Product: Turning Your Code into a Saleable Product

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book ~~ From Program To Product: Turning Your Code into a Saleable Product ~~ by Apress, a leading publisher of technical books. From Program to Product

I have been writing and selling software for some 40 years ~~ with, I confess, mixed success. Along the way I have paid dearly for my naiveté and inexperience. And, of course, I have also reaped some fabulous rewards.

So, I wrote this book as a road map of sorts for anyone who has an idea for a great computer program but is uncertain how to go about turning their raw idea into a saleable software product.

Whether you're a programmer, or a non-programmer who will have to hire programming talent to turn your raw idea into a saleable product, this book will show you how to approach and solve many problems, including basic product design, detailed implementation, pricing, legalities, and other topics vital to your success.

Interviews with a number of successful ~~ and some not so successful ~~ programmers are interspersed throughout the book, giving the reader insight into the practical problems confronted by real software entrepreneurs in getting their ideas out of their heads and into the market.

You can read a synopsis of From Program to Product. In the "Book Extras" section you can view the table of contents and read Chapter 1.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about the book, or product design. I look forward to hearing from you.

Other Books

Rocky Smolin is the author of How To Buy The Right Small Business Computer System (Wiley, 1981) and co-author of Production and Management Systems for Business (Prentice-Hall, 1990). Both of these books are currently out of print.