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Beach Access Software specializes in the creation of databases and applications and uses Microsoft Access exclusively. Access is uniquely suited to the rapid and economical development of custom business applications for small and medium-sized businesses.

The keys to a successful project are:

  • 1. The accurate and effective translation of customer requirements into a logical and well-designed database

  • 2. The creation of a user interface which is intuitive, easy to learn and use, and requires a minimum of resources to maintain the data

The projects listed here reflect a wide variety of interesting and challenging applications, and are a representative sampling of the applications that have been successfully developed and implemented by Beach Access Software. Almost all projects were deployed on networks and were designed for multiple, simultaneous users.

In addition to the projects listed here, Beach Access Software has provided on-going services to a variety of clients whose existing applications require maintenance and enhancements.

See a gallery of snapshots of Beach Access Software Projects

Toys For Tots

Toy Track ™ is an application built specifically for the local chapters of the national Toys For Tots program which collects and distributes toys to tens of thousands of children every Christmas. The application tracks parents, children, volunteers, donors and donations assisting the local chapters in every aspect of toy collection and distribution. View additional information about Toy Track

San Diego Chargers

Equipment Room Inventory System
The Chargers keep a large inventory of equipment and merchandise for promotional and charitable purposes that needs to be tracked and reported.
Chargers Incident Tracking Events Database (CITED)
When the team had an urgent need for a database to track customers at games who are detained, evicted, or arrested for a variety of offenses, they turned to Beach Access Software for a rapid and effective solution.
Customer Service Database
This application records and reports inquiries, complaints, and other input from Chargers’ customers and ensures timely follow-up.

Road Rebel Tours

Road Rebel books musical and theater group accommodations and transportation. The application required a large database of hotels with a detailed profile of hotel facilities to be matched with the particular requirements of each group booked, as well as performance venues and a database of clients and tour managers.


Beach Access Software designed and implemented a complex point-of-sale system to issue and record several hundred thousand campus parking permits of various types every year. The system was deployed at multiple point of sale sites and incorporated the extensive reporting and auditing features required by the University.

Goodwill Industries

Beach Access Software wrote an inventory tracking application, to record and report the movement of donated goods into and out of the organization.

The Carmelites

CABS was created for the Carmelite Monastery in San Diego to manage the sale and distribution of various kinds of communion wafers to several hundred parishes with standing orders. Originally developed in dBase II by Sister Jane, the application was quickly converted to Microsoft Access, and provides accounting, order processing, billing, and shipping label functions.

Boy Scouts, San Diego

This application was developed to import membership and contributor information from a variety of spreadsheets through Excel Automation. The application supports multiple databases.

H & M Landing

Accounting System
Beach Access Software completely re-created H & M's complex accounting system to track and reconcile funds collected from and owing to charter fishing boat owners. The solution required automation with Excel, exporting charter data to spreadsheets and re-importing adjusted data back into the H & M database.
Contracts System
This application records the booking of sport fishing excursions, creates customer contracts and records, and reports commissions owed to booking agents.

Your system has been wonderful. I was so impressed with how easy it is to work with, I recommended you to our contracts department. You have always been very responsive to the changes I've requested over the years. When I ask you to do something quickly, you've always done it immediately. I appreciate how accessible you are, especially to my assistants when I'm on vacation. It puts my mind at ease, knowing you're available to help them if they have questions about the system, or run into any kind of problem. Thank you for everything you've done over the years.
Shannon Wright, H & M Sportfishing

Voice & Video

Voice and Video rents out a wide variety of audio and video equipment to businesses and organizations. Critical aspects of this system are the inventory availability, issuing and receiving rented equipment using bar code scanning, the ability to track equipment rented from other companies (sub-rentals), and an interface to QuickBooks for billing purposes.

Beach Access Software embarked on the challenge of developing a software program for our audio/visual equipment rental company about six years ago. Now we cannot imagine running our business without it. Through the entire process, owner Rocky Smolin has been incredible. From the beginning, he listened to our requirements, and created a system with an interface that is easy to learn and use, but it can be modified seamlessly on an as needed basis.

We continue to enjoy our relationship with Beach Access, especially because Rocky is always immediately responsive every time we call him on the phone or send him an e-mail. He is one of our few vendors that not only returns phone calls, but always addresses any of our issues or suggested modifications on a very timely basis.
We would not have an issue giving any business person our highest recommendation for the services provided by Beach Access and the excellent support of his products.
Ken Gimbel, Voice and Video

Adventure 16

Adventure 16, a major supplier of outdoor equipment for rent, required a point-of-purchase database and application deployed in its stores to record the rental of equipment to customers. Critical aspects of this application are ease of use by the retail rental agents, the display of equipment availability in a graphic format and tracking of repairs.

The Webster Organization

The Galahad database and application product was created to audit hundreds of thousands of accounts payable transactions of major hospitals and health organizations with the objective of finding and recovering duplicate payments and overpayments. Through the use of Galahad and customized features and functions, The Webster Organization was able to recover significant sums of money for the UCLA Medical Center.

Beach Access Software was responsible for developing an Access based proprietary accounting analysis program for The Webster Organization, Inc. Requested updates for the program have been done efficiently and on time. Beach Access Software distinguishes itself from other development firms because of Rocky Smolin's business acumen. He is not only a program developer, but has a business background. In short, he gets it!
Bryan Webster, President, TWO

IMC is a steel service center in Tennessee which cuts strips of steel to specific lengths. The system tracks material by lot number from the time it enters the factory until it leaves. The system incorporates bar coding of bundles and satisfies the company’s ISO900 requirements.

Beach Access Software completely designed and created a database program that manages all incoming and outgoing product, and also integrates our required quality and productivity functions. This very powerful tool allows us to manage our business with the accuracy needed to be competitive in our marketplace as well as provide our customers with superior service.
Mark Carey, IMC

This product was created for the consulting firm of Saltzer, Sutton, and Endicott for sale primarily to Armed Forces installations. It satisfies auditing requirements to track various kinds of assets, principally the contents of temporary housing units. It required the remote collection of data using hand-held scanning and data collection devices, synchronized with the central database, and extensive reporting needed to satisfy government auditing requirements.

The system Beach Access Software made for us works very well. In addition, Mr. Smolin's personal service level and response to the (rare) problem has been extremely satisfactory. When our customers experienced occasional difficulties during installation or operation, Rocky responded quickly and thoroughly, helping both our customers and us.
Ben Saltzer ~~ Saltzer, Sutton and Endicott

Kobernick Law Offices

Tracking and managing SBA Loan Applications is a complex and date sensitive task, requiring great attention to detail and confirmed follow-up on every step of the process. Beach Access Software created a simple but effective system to ensure the accurate completion of the SBA Loan Application process while requiring a minimum of staff time to maintain the data.

SMACNA, San Diego

SMACNA collects benefit contributions for a variety of benefit programs from employers and distributes those contributions to the benefit trustees. A precise and complex customized accounting system is required to account for the wide variety of union contracts, employee grades, and benefit plans. Beach Access Software provided this solution and has enhanced it by automating with Excel the laborious process of manually entering time sheet data.

This system was created for Dr. Henry Adams, a specialist in the management of chronic non-cancer pain, to manage patient information.

This company reloads and refurbishes laser printer cartridges for corporate customers nationwide. The application records and tracks customer RMAs (Return Material Authorizations) and provides reports for billing.

In response to Emerald’s need to automate the entry and tracking of their sales orders as well as provide pro forma and quotes for their customers, Beach Access Software created a simply but effective system with only one primary input form but several flexible reports to allow quick decision making on quotes, sales, and shipments in the front office.