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Toys For Tots

Being responsible for the holiday happiness of lots of children is an important and satisfying job. But tracking all the information required to do the job right can be a real headache.

That's what Jeff Jarvis, head of the Bay County Toys for Tots chapter in Bay County Michigan was facing when he came to us for a solution. So for him, we created Toy Track ™ - a database that stores and reports all that information. Let Toy Track ™ do the work while you spread the season's joy to all those deserving children. Here's what Jeff Jarvis has to say about Toy Track ™:

As a coordinator for a local campaign for the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, I was in need of a database that could maintain my operation, so I contacted Beach Access Software to do just that.

The database they created has and is exceeding my expectations; before I contacted them I used spreadsheets to track everything. The spreadsheets were cumbersome and didn't work well. Since contacting their project manager they have been responsive to my emails and diligent in their work ethic.

I had a working example within a couple of days. Over the next few weeks, the program began to take shape and now I can track every aspect of my operation. The database was also created for the installation of additional features as needed and is fully customizable. Thank you Beach Access Software -- I'd recommend them for anyone's next database project.  

Now you can have the same advantage the Bay County Toys for Tots chapter has. Call us for information about getting your licensed copy of Toy Track ™.

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